Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What is it with me lately and embarassing stories............

Here I go again!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

I was dishing up dinner tonight and some chips fell off the tray - I quickly pounced on the kids and told them to leave them - "they are mine" I piped in.

Anyway, dinner is served we are all sitting quietly and eating and I had this funny feeling - Tammy was looking at me with a strange look on her face "what's wrong mum?" I replied "oh nothing really"..........and went on thinking in my head that there was something wrong I was just trying to figure out what it was.

I had this rather warm feeling coming from my butt.....................then it dawned on me. I was sitting on the chips that I said were mine.

I burst out laughing once I worked out what it was - the funny feeling was when it just kept getting hotter and hotter..............I was thinking "what could it be, why is this happening?"
I got up off my seat and there they were - the 3 squished chips looking at me!!!!!

LOL!!!!!!! I was crying with laughter trying to explain to everyone what it was that I had done.................LOL.

Definately worth sharing for a laugh I reckon.

How embarassing.

Luv Sandie


Carol Dunstan said...

those chips were certainly yours!!!

lkamphuis said...

Its certainly one way to make sure noone else wanted them!!!

Wirg's Creative World said...

LOL Sandie you are such a cack, I can imagine the laughter.

Hey matie, you need to go visit LSBS, you've won a great comp girlie, get over there and see what it is!!
love ya matie, x x x x Wirgie

Sandie said...

Thanks for sharing the ridiculous humour with me girlies.

Hey Wirg - thanks matie. Just dropped in there and noticed.
What a shock. Nice shock though.

Luv Sandie