Monday, 1 June 2009

Alphabet Soup and Monday Mornings "H" is for

Well technically it's Monday afternoon here but I've been a busy girl helping out at the girls School Canteen - I'm one sore little black duck - it was good buy my poor old feet need a rest.

Ok - lets' get into this weeks challenge.

You can pick one or some of these "H" things to create a card, layout, OTP, anything that takes your fancy.

"H" is for

Happy, happy birthday, heart, home/house, halloween, hello

I will get around to my card tomorrow me thinks - early night in order for me.
(You will have to excuse the shocker of a photo - I took it quickly before Sean went to work early in the morning - a friend at work ordered it - oh well)
Happy creating.

Luv Sandie


kylieluvsrt said...

h ok we ar eup to h I just uploaded G for goth dolly. so I will have to h.

Sandie said...

Good for you Kylie.

Don't need to pop your creation into a POST on your BLOG, then go to the main page on your Blog, click on the ACTUAL POST with the image and then COPY the URL at the top of the post so that you can PASTE that URL into my comment section on my blog.

Good luck.

(if you can follow this you are doing wonderfully............LOL...some of it may come back to you - I HOPE!!!!!)

Luv Sandie