Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thank You

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of my Followers of my blog.

I really appreciate you popping in for updates.

(Does anyone know if there is an easy way of visiting your blogs. If I click on your images it doesn't lead me anywhere? HMMMMMMMM - not sure. I would have thought that if I clicked on someone's photo image that it would take me directly to you - but no. Would love to know what to do. Ta.)

Luv Sandie


CreativeMe68 said...

Yeh Sandie sometimes that works when they have their links, but I mostly just google them when they don't have a link, then put a link in my sidebar. Hope this helps. Luv Shaz xoxo

Lyn S said...

Just use Google Reader Sandie, your followers should be already in it, and you'll be able to see if their blog has been updated since your last visit.

Alicia said...

OR.... when you customize your blog layout, go to "Add a Gadget" in your sidebar and then add "Blog List". Then when you edit it, click on "Add to List" and it will give you an option to either add by URL or by blogs you are following. I find the blogs you are following option easier because I tend to always click on "Follow" when I find a new blog I like. Otherwise, you'll have to do what the others say and add each individual URL.

Lyn S said...

...oops, just realized it would be the blogs that you follow would be the ones already in Google Reader, but you could still add your followers to it manually.

Sorry,'s a bit early for my brain to be in gear yet LOL!

Tara said...

Sandie, if you click on the photo and they have a blogger account it takes you there, if you read through the account - at the very bottom is links to any blogs that person writes.

You can also click on the person's name and it should take you to their site or profile

Sandie said...

thanks for your help girlies.

I have tried a couple of those things without any luck.

I shall have another play over the weekend.

Thanks heaps.

Luv Sandie

Sandie said...

I think I worked it out - when I click on some of the photos there are no links to any blogs etc so that is probably why it didn't work - as most of them are working.

Mystery solved me thinks.

Thanks again.

Luv Sandie

Lyn S said...

OK, try this Sandie....there's a link (2 little stacked squares) on the top right of the followers thing.....if you click on that all the followers piccies are on the one page......then click on a photo, halfway down the page that opens will be a heading LINKS - all that person's blogs will be under this heading. Please note, that not all followers have blogs though, so if there are no LINKS, there's no blog. If you'd rather have them all in the one spot without having to click through so many pages, put them in a reader (like Google Reader) or become a follower of their blogs too, then you just have to look on your Dashboard page.

Hope that is what you wanted to know!
xx Lyn

Sandie said...

Yep that's great thanks Lyn - that's what I disovere this morning. You explained it so well - thanks for that.

Hey I just signed up as a follower of your blog.........LOL.

Luv Sandie