Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Random question

Just have a silly random question for you.

Are you the sort of person that if you buy a new glue or a new mascara, whatever it is - do you make sure you completely use up the existing tube etc or do you get impatient and start using the new one?

Silly question I know - but I sometimes find myself getting impatient and can't help myself - I just simply must start using the new one...............LOL!!!!

What about you??????????????????/

Luv Sandie


Tara said...

got to finish first!

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

even thou i would love to get into the new stuff, I do tend to force myself to finish off the old b4 I start on the new

anitameade said...

Yep, I start the new one before the old one is finished, but then I can't throw out the old one because that would be wasteful. And therefore I end up with all these almost finished bottles/tubes etc. Do you know what I mean? Silly huh!

Sandie said...

This is funny.

I'm hearin ya Anita - I don't throw them out either just end up with all sorts of stuff.


thanks for joining in girlies.

Luv Sandie

Wirg's Creative World said...

Hi Sandie, usually I use up stuff before buying more. But seeing as I've a Nutrimetics account, I buy more when there's sales on so have a nice bit of a 'stash' of some things.
I never seem to use up a whole lipstick or mascara though, dang, coz lippy tastes disgusting when it goes off tee hee hee.
Wirgie. x x

Tamara said...

depends on if I like the mascara or not, most of the time when I buy a new one it's either because I don't like the other one or it's all all clumpy! In that case it goes into the bin!!

Tamara :)

Sandie said...

Isn't it funny to see people's different answers.

Well I bought a new foundation (makeup) the other day as the other one is running very low.
I was going to crack the packet open - but I'm being a good girl and trying to use up every drop.

See what you've done to me................LOL. (Feeling guilty.....LOL)

Luv Sandie

Aga said...

I usually can't help myslef and use the new stuff straight away too :0