Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

Had a very quiet morning - woke up with another shocker of a headache so I haven't really done too much.

Just finished some yummy Hot Cross Buns which is a tradition in our house on Good Friday.

We are all heading off to the 3.00pm Mass this afternoon. This always moves me - always brings a tear but very thought provoking stuff.

Tomorrow night is a big night in our church. We have 4 new Candidates being received into the church. This will be amazing.
Sean and I are actually sponsors for two of the women. We were asked if we would like to sponsor them - such an honour. There will be a nice supper to share with everyone afterwards which will be held in the Parish Centre.

Can't wait.

Luv Sandie


scrapbook CAPITAL said...

I hope your headache is better Sandie and yep had Hot Cross Buns for lunch. Enjoy your services and Happy Easter to you and your family xxx

Sandie said...

Thanks Lorrie, mass was very moving.
Afterwards we had a little rehearsal as to what will be taking place for mass tomorrow night.
All is well and we're ready to rock.

For our sponsors I decorated a candle each for them. One in golds and one in silvers.

Happy Easter right back at ya Lorrie. Enjoy your day with your little man.

Luv Sandie

Wirg's Creative World said...

Hey Sandie glad the service was good, we had a lovely one at our church too. The candles sound beautiful too.

Hope your headache's going. You look after yourself and make sure you check your sugar levels, could be a diabetes headache you've got there my friend. Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend,
love and hugs
Wirgie x x

Sandie said...

Gidday Wirg, hey I think you could be right about the Diabetes thing. I'm a shocker - haven't been checking it.

Good thinking.

Have a beautiful Easter my friend.

Luv Sandie