Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Something positive

A friend approached me on the weekend to ask if it would be ok for her mother to come along to our Craft Group at school. Of course it was ok - it was great.

So her mum came along today - she has been struggling for a few months as she left her home country of Sri Lanka with pretty much nothing.

So she came along to craft and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She joined in cups of teas, plenty of chatting -even though she struggles with English she really tried and she even learnt some new craft.

I just had a phone call from her daughter to thank me for making her welcome. It was my absolute pleasure.

I always tell me kids that there is always something positive going on around you - you just need to be able to SEE it.

Take care all of my dear friends.

Luv ya.



carol.thompson said...

What a wonderful heart you have.....and isn't it good for the soul ? To know you have done something to just make someone's day !!!! That's what I love about Australia....
You are a wonderful person Sandie
x o x o x

Sandie said...

Thanks Carol.

Right back at ya babycat.

Love is afterall what makes the world go round.

Luv Sandie