Saturday, 14 February 2009

Have been creating

Well I have been creating some cards this week all in readiness for Valentine's Day for the florist.

I dropped off 20 cards for them and created heaps other for a little craft stall at Berwick today.

My cards were a hit and I sold heaps - the most cards I've ever sold. Lot's of positive feedback and lots of happy people.

The craft stall was for a group called "Inner Wheel" which is the ladies side of Rotary Club. They were all so nice. They came from all over the district to enjoy a "friendship day". It was lovely.

I took our girls with me. Em was keeping a tally of how many cards and Tammy was the banker. I shouted them a McDonalds Sundae on the way home to say thanks for helping and joining in the fun.

There was only 4 stalls there - ours, a plant stall, produce stall and jewellery stall. The organizers only ask a select few so I was quite chuffed to be asked.

I must whisk a thank you card their way - I coudln't believe how nice they all were!!!

Luv Sandie

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