Saturday, 15 December 2007


Tuesday I headed off to Warragul for a gastroscopy. I haven't been feeling very well lately and had the feeling that something was stuck in my throat. I would wake up each morning with that feeling as well as feeling a little squirmy. So I had the gastroscopy and it found I had a hiatus hernia. I have some medication and have to go back to the doctors. Feel a bit better already.
Tuesday night was the School Board breakup dinner which was prepared by the Principal and his wife. They used to run a hotel in Canada and they are the absolute bestest cooks. Very yummy!!!!!

Wednesday - but wait there's more!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had blood tests for Diabetes. It was a disaster of a morning as the nurse treated me terribly. I wont go into it again. It was upsetting.

Thursday - had a beautiful morning with 2 friends in Canterbury - Mailing Rd. All exclusive type shops this side of the city. I bought a poster size sheet of vintage chrismtas paper - I shall take a photo soon. We stopped for a cuppa and cake and then finished up in time so we could pop into a scrapbook shop on the way home before picking up the kids.
Thursday night was the kids concert which is held on the oval at their school. That was really nice and run well as it all flowed fairly quickly.
Josh was singing with his class, Tammy's class did a sign language to a different christmas song - it was very moving. Em's class did a different version of Jingle Bells.

Friday - out for lunch with all the school mum's - our last outing before the kids finish for the year which is next Wednesday. Oh the great news is that we picked up our new (second hand) car last night and took it for a bit of a burn - its great and looks near new. We are very lucky.

While all of this has been happening I have been organising the Grade 6 Graduation Dinner which is to be held next Tuesday night. I don't know where I'm finding the time - but it all seems to be working out.

Tonight there is a birthday celebration after mass for Sister Christina. She is a lovely nun - very selfless person and a real trooper. Everyone is asked to bring along a plate of food to share so that will be nice to catch up with people.

Tomorrow is catch up day - I have a list a mile long which needs some attention so I hope to tick a few off the list.

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Cindy said...

I'm sorry you had a tough time with the nurse *hug*. Coffee and cake and a trip to the scrapbook shop sounds funm thougjh :)