Thursday, 27 December 2007

All done and dusted

Well Christmas is all done and dusted. We ended up having 6 less for lunch as Sean's nephew came down with we're a friendly bunch but not that friendly that we wanted to share that around. So unfortunately they had to stay away. What a shocker to be sick on christmas day.........pooh cack!!!!! The rest of the family came down with it yesterday so they packed up and went home (they were staying with another family who had gastro previous to them arriving.........oh boy!!!!!)

Yesterday was catch up with some more of Sean's family at Lakeside at the kids park.........that was great. Good old bangers on the barbie. Unfortunately we all got a bit burnt. Looking like a beacon at the moment...............yowsa!!!!!

Today took off shopping to Fountain Gate for a few hours - got a few bargains and then headed home to cook some dinner for the mob - Goulash is on the menu tonight.

Tomorrow I am heading off to Geelong for the day to catch up with my dear online friends - Wirg, Shabs, Marion and possibly Lyn. I can't wait.........not too keen on the drive through Melbourne but it is getting a lot easier now with the roads now...........just not too keen on going through the tunnel. She'll be right mate.

Our visitors leave on Saturday so I'm not sure what's planned after that. Maybe a garage sale or two and then on Sunday possibly a market.

Sean stared 3 weeks holidays as of Christmas Eve so that is great - we are going to get some jobs done around the place hopefully. Its great for Sean to spend time with his mum and dad while they are here visiting. They usually stay for a month in their bus. They are great fun.

Well that's all to report so far.

I shall give you a report of tomorrow's events...........lots of laughing and carrying on I'm tipping!!!!!! LOL.

Luv Sandie

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