Sunday, 2 December 2007

200 POSTS FOR ME..............YAY!!!!!!!

Well there you go...........200 time flies when you're havin fun!!!!!

And what better way to celebrate 200 posts - today was young Stephen's Baptism.

He was baptised in our parish - St Patrick's Church in Pakenham. Guess who the Godparents are..........none other than Sean and myself. We were so honored to be asked - very proud.

The ceremony was so nice. It started when the Sudanese people started to sing - it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. It was sort of like birds cooing............I started to cry - it was very, very moving. Medina explained to be later that it was about how they had travelled afar from the war in Sudan to a lucky land - Australia.
Little Stephen was great during the ceremony - he slept through it all - even when Fr Bernie poured the water over him to baptize him - he just flinched a little and almost looked relaxed as the water poured over his head - it was so hot here today - I reckon I could have gone some of that water being poured over me too.......LOL.

After the ceremony we had a celebration in the Parish Centre. It was great - George and Medina and their friends once again started to sing - I requested they sing a happy song so that I didn't start crying again - but it didn't make any difference - it was just so great to see them gathering together and with us to - to celebrate in such a way. Later on they started to dance - it was fantastic and the look on Medina's face as she danced with her friends was priceless. She looked at peace. She is such a beautiful young woman and mum.

This little duck is very tired so I will upload some photos tomorrow to share with you.

We are truly blessed to have been introduced to George and Medina - they have enriched our lives. Sounds pretty deep - that's just the way we feel. We call them our family now.

Luv Sandie


Cindy said...

Awww... Congratulations little Stephen on your baptism.

Congrats on your 200 posts too !

Wirginia said...

Hi Sandie,

Oh wow, little Stephen's batism sounded wonderful. I look forward to seeing some photos lovey. And congrats on the 200th post, hmmm it sure does fly when it's so much fun my friend. I've no idea how many on my blog LOL. Been a bit slack since last week. Need to update it soon.
your pal