Monday, 31 December 2007

The big adventure to Geelong

Well it certainly was a big adventure.

Left Pakenham at 7.11am and headed to Flinders Street Station where I met up with Lyn.
We caught the train to Werribee which got there at about 9.30 where Marion kindly picked us up.
Arrived in Geelong about 10.30 and drove to Shabs. Wirg had arrived only minutes before us arriving. It was so great to all catch up. Big squeezes all round.

Sat around cackling and carrying on for a little while and then headed to The Pier down on the esplanade. Fantastic restaurant at the end of the pier where we ate, drank and chatted as we watched the ocean, yachts, sea planes etc. Great meal, great company.

We then had to force ourselves to visit a new scrapbook store in Geelong West. We all did some damage there - wont tell you who did the most though!!!!!!! It wasn't me though.

Then back to Shabs for a drink and some nibblies and we all had a play with some little shot glasses that Marion kindly brought along for us to decorate. Wirg demonstrated how to use staz on and lumiere paints. We had fun. When finished we added "TSS 2007" as a memento of our little special day. Nice idea. Good on ya Marion.

Marion drove Lyn and I back to Werribee station where a train had just pulled in - timing is everything. So about 45 mins journey back to Fliners. Lyn had to wait only minutes for her train............I had to wait about 25 mins - didn't worry me too much - just glad of the rest and reflection about our great day. Got talking to a fabulously interesting English girl who is out here for a holiday. Ended up sitting next to each other on the way home and talked up a storm. Wished I had thought to get her address. We had a great old chat and found out lots about each other in such a short time.

What a fantastic day. One I will treasure for a long time.

You know it doesn't get much better spending some quality time with friends - especailly online friends that you normally just chat away via the net. Much nicer in the flesh.

Today is an absolute shocker - its damn hot!!!!!!! That's all you can call it.

Not doing anything for New Year's - its just too hot to do anything. Even contemplating going to bed early - if we can get to sleep that is.........only supposed to get down to 27degrees - gee that will help - NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to all - have a fantastic time and rememeber to take care and stay safe.

Luv Sandie

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