Monday, 9 August 2010

Updates for Christmas In July

I am adding some updates from the very clever Grandma Jack.
She has been very busy creating her Christmas Cards and I have to say she is the first one to complete the lot.
Well done Grandma Jack!!!! You're officially a legend!!!!!
They have been sitting in my Inbox waiting for me to update them to my blog - so sorry for the delay.
Don't they look fantastic? Plenty of inspiration to be had.
I have been working on catching up - should have some updates to add over the next couple of days.
There is still time to catch up and upload - so - come on!!!

Luv Sandie


Sandy Ang said...

Wow - how amazing to get all those Christmas cards done so early ! Now I'm starting to panic about how many I'll have to do.

Sandie said...

Yeah I'm panicking too Sandy.

I'm way behind. Bit embarassing but I've been busy picking diaisies.......LOL.

Luv Sandie