Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Just a quick update

Just thought I'd better pop in and do a quick update.

Nothing much happening really - just the way I like it!!!!!

Friday night we all headed off to the girls high school for the musical "Beauty & The Beast". It was fantastic. Apparently it was the biggest cast they have ever had. It was a real credit to the school.
Tammy had several minor rolls in the play - one of which was a broom......LOL. She really enjoyed it. So the many months and many hours leading up to the show definately paid off.
Em helped out backstage, makeup - wherever they needed her.
She actually received a little thank you gift from 2 teachers who said that she was one of the hardest workers they have had in a very long time - we were very proud of her. If you ever need anyone to do anything for you - Em is the girl. Or she will just jump up and do something without being asked -she has a very generous heart.

Sunday was Father's Day so that was nice. We had the morning with the kids and Sean then we headed off to mass and then caught up with my dad for lunch.
Back home for Sunday night dinner with Sean's dad - so all in all a great day!!!!

Josh has been away on a 2 night camp up in the Dandenongs - let me tell ya - it has been mighty quiet and I'm SO looking forward to seeing him back tonight.

I have been busy working on my Handmade Daisies all while watching the good old chick flicks. I watched "Breakfast at Tiffanys" yesterday which I hadn't seen before. Great film.

So there you are - that's the latest goss. Nothing too spesh.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie


Sandie said...

LOL!!!! So much for a "quick" update. It's a rather long post - hey? LOL.

Tash Allen said...

hehe. quiet is good no matter how long it takes to tell the story! I long for quiet days ;)