Thursday, 3 September 2009

Friends - priceless treasurers!!!!!!!

You know today I am sending out the BIGGEST thank you to all of my lovely friends.

Over the last couple of days I have been so lucky - just when I need a friend - one comes along.
The timing couldn't be any better.

On the weekend Vanilla sent me the most beautiful email - with such lovely words in it - it warmed my heart.

Yesterday I had a cuppa with a friend who is going through a bit at the moment - we laughed - something we do quite often because let's face it - if you didn't laugh sometimes - you'd cry.

Then today I was VERY uptight about something - I was trying to alter my Handmade Daisies Blog Header and stuffed it all up somehow - I was up til 1am this morning trying to fix it and rather upset and frustrated. I decided to call on a friend - Tara. Tara to the resuce - what a treausre. You know I reckon God had something to do with this - it just popped into my head - contact Tara I reckon she could help me. And she did!!!!!

And finally - I went to the mail box to find the most beautiful card from my friend Wirg. I cried again. The timing was perfect. It is such a happy, cheery card. I shall take a photo tomorrow when the weather is better, oh and some gorgeous little bits and pieces to play with - thanks Wirg.

So there you go - like I said - friends are the most priceless treasures and I am so lucky - I am rich!!!!!!!!

To all my other friends - I'm sending you a big kiss and a nice big hug.

Take care.

Luv Sandie


CreativeMe68 said...

You know that we all love you Sandie....You are such a wonderful friend to us too!! Luv ya Luv Shaz xoxo

Sandie said...


Marg said...

What a lovely post Sandie...It is amazing how friends are just there when we need them most....
luv margxx

Sandie said...

Yep its a great feeling Marg.

Nice to hear from you.

Take care.

Luv Sandie

Tara said...

Right back at you sandie. Mwah! xx

Vicky said...

"Friends are like your bra, there for support & always close to your heart" LOL & that banner looks gorgeous :)

Sandie said...

You're funny Vicky - I love that saying.

Thanks for your lovely comments.

Luv Sandie