Friday, 11 September 2009

Another embarassing story.

If you know me - you will know that I am pretty good at embarassing myself sometimes. I can also laugh at myself - which in this case - is just as well!!!!!!!

I did canteen duty at the girls school on Monday. After I'd finished I had a bit of time to kill before it was time to pick them up from school. I drove into town and did a bit of shopping.
When I got out of the car I noticed my friend sitting in the park having her lunch and she was talking on the phone. Anyway, I just gave her a wave and went into one of the shops.
When I came out again she gave me a wave. I put my goods in the car and decided to walk on over and talk to her as she was now off the phone.
I sat myself down with a big sigh as my feet were a bit sore from standing in the canteen. I went on to start off the conversation by asking her how she was etc when I turned around only to discover it wasn't my friend......................LOL. I am killing myself laughing as I type this.
So in true Sandie fashion I just went on talking like nothing had happened - she must have been thinking - "who's this freak?"..............LOL.
I was thinking the whole time - now do I fess up to my mistake or do I just keep on talking. I opted for just keep on talking as I'm usually good at talking to strangers anyway.
You know it was embarassing but at the same time she did look a little down and in need of someone to talk to. As it turns out she works in the local bakery which I have frequented several times this year so - its not all bad!!!!!

Funny - When I told the kids and Sean they were almost embarassed for me but we all had a good old belly laugh.

So there you go.

What have you done that is embarassing - or more importantly that you'd like to share with everyone.


Luv Sandie


kylieluvsrt said...

oh sandie that's just precious i love i do embarass myse3lf like that in the newsagency to

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

Oh love the proposal Sandy. What a nice way to start the day.
Well done to the girls and their play and yep I can see you chatting to anybody!!

Sandie said...

Thanks girlies.

Luv Sandie

smauge said...

Thank you for sacrificing your dignity to give me a laugh Sandie. I think I laughed because........I've done it too!

Sandie said...

Hey glad to share the laughs Smauge. Let's face it - we all need to laugh more often.

Luv Sandie

Wirg's Creative World said...

Oh Sandie, is this where I admit I've done it too? But in the middle of a crowded city train and the person actually said who the heck are you?? LOL. Glad you could cheer her up though. You can cheer me up any day my friend.