Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I am truly blessed!!!

I am truly blessed with the dearest of friends.
In the last week I have received the most gorgeous little gifts from 2 dear friends - and you know why? Just because!!!!!! Isn't that lovely. I was really touched that my friends were out shopping, saw these goodies and thought of me. How nice.

Thank you dear friends. I luv ya to bits.

First one is a gorgeous little chubby bird - she has the cutest little face - hey she has the same figure as seriously!!!!! LOL!!!!

And the second one is another goodie to add to my Apple Collection. My kitchen has all sorts of apple collectables and I love all of them. This one is a handwash dispenser. How cool is that? Way cool I say. Now I need to find some nice handwash to pop in it.

There we are just thought I'd share.

Luv Sandie


Anonymous said...

You deserve all the kindness that comes your way Sandie. You sure do dish it out. Your prezzies are lovely. How is your back going? Hope you're doing well at the moment. How beautiful is this sunshine Luv?! :) Anita. xxx

Sandie said...

Hello there my dear friend Anita.

I'm doing ok thanks. Back is slowly on the mend. Hip is still giving me a bit of trouble but the Osteopath is fixing that!!!!

The sunshine is divine isn't it and you've gotta luv the blossoms out at the moment. It smells beautiful.

Take care of YOU.. Luv Sandie

Kellie Winnell said...

Ooooo how lovely is the bird and how cute is the apple! Both gorgeous and so well deserved. Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine ;) xx

Sandie said...

Thanks Kellie - yep soaking up the sun. Bring it on!!!

Luv Sandie

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

some yummy apple scented handwash would be perfect in there Sandie... Ive heard all about your kitchen.... ;)

Sandie said...

Hey good thinking Lorrie.

I reckon you need to pay a visit to my kithcen one of these days - its messy but the jug is always on.

Luv to see you.