Sunday, 30 August 2009

Have you noticed me missing?

I have been laying very low the last week or so. I am trying to find the balance between life and my other life - the internet. I am one of these people that gets easily hooked on things - the net has been ruling a bit of late so I am trying to cut back a little bit.

I have been busily working on creating some cards, layouts etc to showcase my new Handmade Daisies range - should be this week - fingers crossed. It's taking a little bit longer than I thought - doesn't help that I am not only the "obsessive" type but I am also the "impatient" type.............LOL.

Our girls have been rehearsing over the last couple of months for their school Musical which has taken up a lot of our time - they had their first show on Friday and it all went off well.
We are going to see them this week. The musical is "Beauty and The Beast".......looking forward to it.

Josh finished up the year with his footy. Unfortuantely they didn't make it to the grand final but they certainly gave it their best. So between footy and rehearsals we have been tied up one way or another. It will be nice to finally get our weekends back again.

Well that's it for now.

Have you got any news I need to know about or any news you'd like to share????? Would love to hear from you so just pop on in and leave a comment.

Take care - hope all is well in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie


Alicia said...

Don't worry Sandie, I think a few of us are in the same boat with the Internet addiction preventing us from living at times. Good to hear that you are working on finding the balance. Wish the girls luck with their performance. I miss school musicals! :(

Carol said...

I most certainly had noticed you had been quiet of late...But I myself...haven't had time to scratch my a*%&!...working 2 days a week seems like 10..but I love every second...housework and scrap time DEFINATELY suffering...but i dont care. As long as the kids are fed at least twice a day and lunches made in the morning..nothing else life is even more chaotic than usual..
Love it !!

Sandie said...

Thanks girlies.

Glad to know its not only does go on and some days ARE better than others.

Luv ya........Sandie

Anita Meade said...

I hear you Sandie! Life balance is something I'm always striving for. Us crafty types do tend to be a bit obsessive at times :)Just keep chipping away - and make sure you do what is important for you and the family. Lovely to "hear from you". Anita. xx

Sandie said...

thanks for your lovely comments girlies.........I luv your support and friendship.
Luv Sandie