Saturday, 9 August 2008

Well it is now officially Em's 13th Birthday

I cannot believe our first born is a teenager!!!!!! Gosh that makes me feel old!!!!!!

Em has been so excited over the last couple of weeks counting down on the calendar.

Happy, Happy Birthday dear little Em.

We love you.

Luv Mum, Dad, Tam & Josh.


Vicky said...

Happy birthday Emily,welcome to your teens...Cheers from Vicky.

Sandie said...

Thanks Vicky.

Well I'm feeling a little sad - but Em is pumped.

For her birthday she got her ears pierced - so we were down the street first thing at 9 o'clock. She can't believe it has happened.

She is one excited teenager.

Luv Sandie

fleurie said...

Happy 13th Birthday Em!
Hope it was all you wished for!

cant wait to see some pics of the beautiful 'pierced ears'