Friday, 22 August 2008

I have had such a beautiful morning.

A close friend asked me if I'd like to tag along with her today. She had an appointment in Warragul which just so happens where Said Simply is. Yay. Of course I wanted to tag along. Glad I did too.
I popped into to have a nice quiet cuppa with Marie - who by the way is just starting to pick up a little bit after being quiet ill with a terrible flu type bug. Hang in there Marie. I managed to make some of my Daisies while I was there too which was a nice bonus.
While I was there Nicole Finalyson also dropped in - what a bonus. She is such a passionate person and I just love to hear her stories and she and Marie always manage to make me laugh.
If you are ever in the area please drop in - the shop is just fantastic - it has such a great feel to it and its definately going places. I'm enjoying my journey so far!!!!!

Then my friend dropped in to pick me up. She was impressed with the atmosphere of the shop too. She's not really in to scrapping/cardmaking but she certainly appreciates it and loved plenty of the goodies in store. I will convert her yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We then asked Marie and Nicole where was a nice place to have lunch. We went to this gorgeous Coffee Shop come Book shop. Magnificent. We had the bestest time over a nice lunch - then we check out the books. Yummo!!!!! Beeches is the name of the store. Definately another fab place to add to the list of "must haves".

I'm off to school now. The school has had a Book Fair this week with lots of cheap bargains for the kids. Then we will all come home. Josh has footy training, fish and chips for tea and then bring on the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have some serious creating to do. I am going to be working on my Pirate cards for Said Simply. So watch out over the next week for some photos on my blog of some snippets of the cards.

That's it for now me thinks!!!!!!

Life is great.

Luv Sandie

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