Saturday, 30 August 2008

How'd ya be?

How is your weekend going so far? I am having a ball already. It has been a very busy week and I'm just glad to be home not doing much at all.

My brother and nephew and his mate just popped in for a quick visit. It was so nice to see him as we haven't caught up for a very long time. He was on his way to take the boys to soccer.
My twin nephews are in State for Soccer. They are excellent. Might see their name up in lights one day. You just never know.

Em has a birthday party to go to this afternoon so I need to get organized with a card. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute..........LOL.

We usually go to mass tonight but we have been invited to a baptism tomorrow. We introduced ourselves to a young couple in our parish. Lovely people. They are from New Zealand. Anyway, they were expecting their first baby and everything was exciting. They had a beautiful little baby boy about 4 months ago I suppose. Lisa rang me during the week to ask our family to be part of the baptism. I was really touched by this. So I had better get organized with a nice card for little Callen too. After the ceremony we have been invited back for lunch. It's going to be a great day.

Nothing else much planned. I think that will just about fill our weekend up somehow.

What are you up to this weekend? Any plans for some creating? Hope so!!!!!

Take care whatever you get up to.

Luv ya.................Sandie

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Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Sounds like you have been having a very busy weekend so far. Have a great day tomorrow.