Monday, 4 February 2008

Kids back at school

Oh well its very quiet around here today - kids went off to school.

Em's big day today - she is doing grade 6 again. I think she was a little anxious but as soon as she saw her friend she was at ease, and mum was too..............LOL. Its funny - her friend was looking a little anxious too until she spotted Em. Very comforting.

Tam and Josh just bolded in - all 3 kids were ready at 7am this morning.............too funny. Lets see how long that lasts. LOL.

Stayed at school to help with the cuppas for the new mums. Some tears were about and some grins from ear to ear............funny to see different people's reactions. I was absolutely hopeless when Josh started grade prep - being the last one. I was very emotional for about 2 weeks but then quickly realized I had some "Me" time back.

Here is a photo of the tissues that are handed out to the new mums, along with a flower. This is a shot I took last year.

Nice touch I reckon.
Not much else on for today - feeling rather agitated today for some reason. Think I had better create something.
Talk again soon.
Take care.
Luv Sandie


Cindy said...

Awww...what a sweet gesture :)

Kade's first year at school will also be Toby's last (assuming he stays till year 12) that will be an emotional year for me.

fleurie said...

what a nice it!

hey sandie? Have you been getting my emails...they keep bouncing back my end...

Sandie said...

No haven't got your emails Fleur..........hmmmm... what does that mean?

Lyn said...

Hmm, feeling agitated Sandie....sounds like you're suffering separation anxiety being away from the kids LOL! Love the tissue pack for new mums too. Thanks for the nice surprise in my mailbox today Sandie....that's my 1st blog prize, candy...whatever you call it. ps. I added another link to a valentine card in the comment to your card.

Sandie said...

Yeah could be anxiety due to the kids Lyn.

Glad you received your little prize in the mail.

Yep - I did find your other entry thanks matie. I shall upload into my gallery as.

Thanks heaps.

Luv Sandie