Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I am still here - in case you were wondering............LOL!!!!

Yes - I'm still here.

I have just been one busy little black duck with either working, organizing kids or just day to day things and I'm sure you can all relate to that.

Went to see this film last week

..............and boy did I love it!!!!!  I cried, and cried and cried to the point where my shirt was all wet from the tears rolling down my face.  It was such a beautiful and touching story.  If you get a chance you have to go and see it.  (Although, having said that - I was amazed when I walked out of the cinema.  I asked a lady beside me if she liked it - I also asked her if she cried - she gave me this crazy look and said "no - I didn't cry at all!!! Did you cry?"  I went on to tell her that my shirt was all wet and that I had run out of tissues.  But then I do cry very easily). 

What else has been going on.  I think I told you a little while ago that we bought ourselves a little old caravan.  Well we are in the process of doing it up a little in readiness for our maiden voyage.  The kids are getting so excited.

Sat up and watched the Brownlow last night - I love to see all of the fashions.  There certainly were some lovely gowns.  Very pleased to see Dane Swan win - very deserving winner.  As my mob are all Collingwood it's getting a little tense in our household.  Looking forward to a good game this weekend hopefully.  We usually go on our little holiday to Geelong - me thinks we shall have to wait to see how things pan out............LOL!!!!!

Mark you diaries for "From Picture 2 Page" show comig up in mid October.


Well that's it for now - hope all is well in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie


DebiJ said...

Lovely to see you Sandie, but I am saddened to hear you are Pies fan...hehehehhe...
Daughter & I will be watching the GF Saturday & hooting for the Cats - sorry!!
Great to hear that you now have a van & heading on holidays soon. Both Pete & I need one desparately. We have had a giant year & need that seaside break in our camper. But nothing can be organised as Pete is working away for a couple of month...boo hoo.
Hope you can get some card making in...I did buy some Craft Queen bits & one lot was some cards you designed.
Take care, love Deb xx

Vicky said...

Nice to see you've come up for air Sandie, I was begginning to think my Blog reader wasn't working properly LOL...