Friday, 26 August 2011

Scrapbook Lady Blog Challenge

Looking for some inspiration?  Then head on over to the Scrapbook Lady Blog and join in a card challenge.  While you're there - why not become a follower of the blog so you can get up to date info.

Have the bestest weekend everyone.

Luv Sandie


jenny said...

hi sandie
when people send in their cards to put on your page, how do i see them. thanks, jenny

Sandie said...

Hi Jen, nice of you to pop in.

If you have a blog you can copy and paste a "link". I don't think you have, so in that case, take a photo (reduce size to about 600x400) and then email to Scrapbook Lady. If you need help just give me a ring at the shop and I'll step you through it.
Have a great weekend.
Luv Sandie