Tuesday, 30 November 2010

12 Days Of Christmas

Would anyone like to join in the fun of "12 Days of Christmas"?

I will be doing a little something for the next 12 days in the lead up to Christmas.

Who would like to join in?

If you would - leave me a comment.

Hope you can. Jump on in anytime.

Luv Sandie

1. Shandell
2. Debi J


Shandell said...

I always love your challenges Sanndie - count me in! :)

Sandie said...

Hi there Shandell.

You're on the list!!!!

Thanks for joining in.

Luv Sandie

DebiJ said...

I would love to join in....thanks Sandie.....sounds great. x x

Sandie said...

Hi Deb. Great to be talking to you.

Thanks for joining in the fun.

Luv Sandie