Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Scrap That Ad Challenge over at Scrapz Biz

Over the last 6 weeks I've joined in the fun over at Scrapz Biz  They have been having a great little challenge where we had to be inspired by a certain ad on TV - some going back to when I was growing up.  We had certain criteria to follow and we had to create a layout for each of the 6 weeks.  I had lots of fun as I haven't been doing a lot of creating of late.

Here are my layouts

Week 1  I still call Australia home


For this layout I have used all bits and pieces – old slides, Australian flag toothpicks turned into a banner, coloured matchsticks and other bits and pieces

Week 2  We're Happy Little Vegemites


For this layout I have used all things Vegemite – I ripped a label off a Vegemite jar and stuck that down I even used the yellow ring from the top of the jar.

Week 3  Not Happy Jan


For this layout we needed to use a page from a book – so I used an old children’s nursery rhyme book that I picked up at an op-shop – it was falling apart anyway so I didn’t feel bad about wrecking it. 

Week 4  Life Be In It


For this layout we needed to create something inspired by the Life Be In It ad so I went with some great photos of Josh on his unicycle and one of my new Li’l Daisies

Week 5  Dove


For this layout we needed to be inspired by the Dove ad – I went with the theme that beauty is all around us.  I did some serious recycling for this layout – I re-used the inside of window envelopes – I even stuck my photo behind the window face…LOL, old playing card, clothes labels, old stamps, bread tags etc.

Week 6  Tim Tam Genie Ad


And for the last ad we had to think of 3 wishes – I explained that my 3 wishes have already come true – first to find Sean and have the fairytale wedding, second to have 3 beautiful healthy children and then to buy our very first home – our family home where we are all living happily – happily ever after.   We are truly blessed

So there you have it – this was a very challenging and enjoyable challenge – certainly made me step out of my comfort zone.

Thanks for looking.


Luv Sandie


Petrina McDonald said...

well done sandie - they all look fantastic!! what a great challenge!

DebiJ said...

Very clever idea Sandie, & love your LO's to suit...what wonderful pages!

Love your 3 wishes though the best...fabulous!


Sandy Ang said...

I love Balance - the energy in those photos, your colours and LO design !

Liz Weber said...

HI Sandie, wowzers look at all your gorgeous layouts, fab take on all those challenges, I love the Vegemite one!

Hope you and your family have a great weekend!

Sandie said...

Thanks Liz.
You have a great weekend too.

Luv Sandie

Tara said...

Sandie these layouts are absolutely gorgeous.

Vicky said...

Great, fun LOs Sandie, hope you're keeping well, I've been to your blog 3 times, & 3 times I've been interrupted b4 I could comment, so I hope you're enjoying the school holidays too LOL, Hugs from V

Sandie said...

Hi Vicky, thanks for the comments.

I am enjoying the holidays thanks.....are you?

Take care.

Luv Sandie