Thursday, 15 April 2010


You've gotta keep-a-watching cause I'm gunna have another giveaway very soon.

What will the challenge be? Well you will just have to wait - (so will I cause I don't know yet either............LOL).

Stay tuned!!!!!

Luv Sandie


DebiJ said...

What a trick you are dear Sandie!!! LOL

Aga said...

Yay I missed the last one so will be watching closely ;)
Hope you been well and sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you... but thanks heaps for the lovely recent comments and congrats xx

chrisw said...

Hi Sandie,hope all is well,just wanted to say a big hello!

Sandie said...

Hi girlies.

Thanks Deb - yep always happy to keep you guessing.......LOL!!!!

Great to hear from you Aga - you are excused - you've been kinda busy having a baby and all.....LOL.

And g'day Chris - great of you to pop in.

Luv Sandie