Thursday, 1 October 2009

2nd Birthday Celebrations

Just reporting back in with all the fun of the day for Stephen's 2nd Birthday.

We headed off from home on our little adventure over to Wonthaggi to help celebrate Stephen's Birthday.

On the way we stopped off at Kilkunda beach. It has the most magnificent of views - one of which is this one.

This is on the side of the ride as you are driving along you can see the ocean through this gorgeous old trestle bridge. It used to have a good old steam train that ran across it. Imagine that - that would have been magical. I have this love for old things and old bridges are right up there!!!

The scenery was spectacular - I would have stopped off to take heaps more photos but we were on a mission to catch up with our friends.

Medina was so pleased to see us all. Stephen was a little daunted I think - all of these people just focusing on him. He loves the camera but he always smiles after the camera has taken the shot.

Here he is - he wasn't too sure about the candles and the singing but we all kept on singing Happy Birthday. As a rule the Sudanese people don't celebrate birthdays but I said to Medina when he was born "Stephen is a little Aussie". She had to laugh. I think Medina enjoyed the fact that we help celebrated his birthday.

This shot shows the little present we bought Stephen. Its one of those Grip Ball sets. You know the one with the Velcro that makes the ball stick. He loved it. At first he didn't know what to do but he soon got the hang of it. I think it is going to drive Medina mad in the end with the scratchy noise it makes. LOL!!!!! (These 2 photos are courtesy of Tammy - she bought a new camera with her birthday money - thanks Tam)

The next photo is of Stephen's little brother Steward. He is now 6 months old and has the most adorable little chubby chops. They were both getting lots of cuddles and kisses. We had to soak them up while we were there.

A great little visit had by all.

Luv Sandie

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