Thursday, 24 June 2010

Scrapbook Lady

I popped into the new premises of Scrapbook Lady today and met the new owner Jan.

I had a good old chat to her and will be selling my daisies there soon which is rather exciting.

Better get my fingers working - I have a few orders to get done.

What have you been up to?

Bring on the school holidays I say!!!!!!

Luv Sandie


Wirg's Creative World said...

That's good to read Sandie! Have they moved very far from where they use to be?

Hmmm lots on your blog lately, need to go have more of a read. Sent you an email this morning. Hear from you soon. x x x

Sandie said...

Hi Matie, they have actually moved closer to me which is nice!!!!!

I got your email thanks matie.

We are in the process of changing email addresses and I'm enjoying all the fun attached with that...............NOT!!!!!!

Luv Sandie