Sunday, 7 February 2010


I have just finished watching the most amazing story.

The seperation of these conjoined twins from Bangaldesh.

The surgery was undertaken late in 2009 and there was a special on Channel 7 tonight. Did anyone else manage to watch it????

They are two special little gifts and their carer, Moira, is an amazing woman.

Luv Sandie


Tamara said...

yes I watched it too. Two special angels right here on earth and their own guardian angel right here for them too :) Such a special story.

Tamara :)

smauge said...

It's on my TiVo - I'll watch it sometime this week....with a box of tissues

Sandie said...

Really touches the heart.

Yep Smauge - get the tissues ready.

Luv Sandie

Marion said...

Very special all of them...unfortunately I wasn't in charge of the remote so just caught bits now and again.

Sandie said...

I was lucky enough to have an extra tv to watch it Marion - the rest of them were tuned into something else.

Luv Sandie