Saturday, 28 July 2007

Mizuki has arrived

We picked up Mizuki from school yesterday afternoon. We brought him home and settled him in. He couldn't believe how big our backyard is. He lives in an apartment in Japan which has 8 stories and he and his parents live on the top storey. So any lawn is a bonus.

He has pretty good english and interacts with the kids very well considering he is a bit older. He is 14 - Em is 11, Tam is 10 and Josh is 8. Josh thinks its fab because he has a boy to play with instead of his two sisters...LOL. They have been making heaps of origami - just as well Mizuki doesn't mind because Josh just loves origami.

We are just going to chill a bit today I think. He has to be tired because I know I am after all the running around to get things organised. He is very happy to just go with the flow.

He doesn't have any religious background however he is happy to come along to church with us tonight so we shall see how that goes - there will probably be other students as well I'd say.

Well that's it from me for now.

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Cindy said...

How exciting and what a great experience for you all. I used to have a Japanese pen friend but I lost contact with her :( So sweet that Mizuki is happy to make origami with the kids :)